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Once you there you will have few options: 4 slots to save your formation (they are named with 1;2;3;4), LOAD and SAVE. Set your formation, click on the Folder Icon, choose a slot 1,2,3,4 and SAVE. You can do save up to 4 formations and to change them you only have to click again on the Folder Icon choose the formation you like and press on LOAD.

Is the best formation & tactic 4-2-3-1@ Videl lengkap disini : Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager #TopEleven2019

Top Eleven Football Manager has managed to transfer the look and feel of desktop applications to Facebook. Since November 2011, Top Eleven is available for mobile devices, Android and iOS. Two years after being launched on Facebook, Top Eleven was launched on one of the biggest Russian social networks, Odnoklassniki.

TOP ELEVEN FORMATION It is not possible to cover every formation in the game, there are 1,144,066 possible combinations for a formation in Top Eleven, Whether they are legal or not. 3N is 3 central players, 3W is left,right sided player with a central player There we go: 4-2-2-2 Hexagon 3N-1-4-2, 4-4-2 Classic, 4-5-1 V-Style, 3-4-3 Download Top Eleven Be a soccer manager and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Play the award-winning hit soccer game Top Eleven 2020 and enjoy the brand new features designed to take the realism and excitement of building your own legacy to the next level. Top Eleven How To Win Against Any Formation Guide by Adel Gamal This a very important topic and always all managers in top eleven used to discus in; so because most of managers here didn't add any topics related to this topic idea, I wanted to add an old topic as in the old forum of top eleven and try to discus here in expansion and details. counter formation (v ) formation counter ( vi ) formation counter ( iv ) my stadium level 14; top eleven formation counter (iii) all manchester united player; top eleven formation counter (ii) top eleven counter 2014 (5) march (3) february (2) 2012 (3) july (3) 2010 (17) Vision without action is merely a dream Action without vision just passess the time Vision with action can change the WORLD TOP ELEVEN FORMATION COUNTER (XXII)

Joacă Top Eleven 2020, jocul de fotbal premiat, și bucură-te de noile caracteristici, proiectate să ducă realismul și încântarea de a-ți construi propria moștenire ⚽️ la următorul nivel. Având peste 200 de milioane de jucători înregistrați, acest joc de management de fotbal legendar pe mobil este unul dintre cele mai populare jocuri pentru mobil din toate timpurile 4-5-1 V-style is one of the most versatile formations. It can easily become defensive or offensive with the change of a few arrows. A great jack of all trades, but it's lack of defensive wingers can be exploited.When playing against 4-5-1 V, you need to protect your flanks and attack the opponent's. Play the award-winning hit soccer game Top Eleven 2020 and enjoy the brand new features designed to take the realism and excitement of building your own ⚽️ legacy to the next level. With over 200 million registered players, this legendary mobile soccer management game is one of the most popular mobile games of all time! ∙ "As an attempt to bring soccer management into the world of Can you help me with tactics and formation? best top new controversial old q&a. no comments yet. Be the first to share what you think! More posts from the Top Eleven How To Win Against Any Formation Guide by JaiHo Also trying to find different formations and their strengths and weaknesses so let's begin 4-4-2 4-4-2 is not a very strong formation on the game; it rules the midfield and defense but offers very little going forward. In my opinion ANY formation will be good against any other formation. Just put the best players in the line-up and use it. However, if you have many options available for your strong team then its good to know that some formations do tend to work better against other formations. This is explained below: 4-4-2 This is an allround formation.

You'll get the default team, which is essentially a lineup full of scrubs with seemingly little promise, though if you played Top Eleven 2016, you can import a team from a previous game so you don't have to start out at the bottom. You also have the option to change the name of your club's stadium once you're at the Ground section. Personalise your Top Eleven 2016 team. When you start Top Eleven 2016, you'll be given a default club to manage (unless you import one from a previous game). To update the club's name, country and city, head to the Club pane and then tap the green pencil icon. Top Eleven Manager - Counter Formations & Orders Brakedown - How to set up your team for the Win Guide has exceeded 100.000 views thanks to all of you and the least I can do to show you my appreciation is to update it with updated formations and counter formations. The Top Eleven game has over 170 million players worldwide, so you are certainly going to have a great time while playing it. You need to create your own strategies and formations while having matches with friends and thousands of other gaming managers every day. What a start to a season! My academy goalie scored 2 goals and had one assist in the first cup win 6-1 to a 10% stronger opponent. First match after getting back to TE after one year Top Eleven 2020 is played in every country on earth, and there is always a coach looking for a game, including The Special One - José Mourinho! Set up your team to outwit and outsmart your opponents on a daily basis and earn global bragging rights. The 4-3-2-1 formation is made from four defenders, three midfielders, two attacking wingers and one striker. With four defenders and three defensive midfielders, your team will be solid in defense also two attacking wingers and one striker will definitely bring good result in your top eleven be a manager game.

Having fewer than seven players line up on the line of scrimmage results in an illegal formation penalty. A total of at least seven players must always line up on the line of scrimmage prior to the play. Along with the offensive linemen, tight ends and receivers usually make up the initial seven on the line.

Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager. 13M likes. The official Page for the World's most played online football management game. Top Eleven formation and tactics 3-5-2. For those who will be going to use these tactics by placing just three defenders on the field keep it in mind that you have to plan a good strategy that is not easily destroyed and also uses the best strategy that is profitable for your team which will lead your top eleven teams to the victory. How to Beat 4-1-4-1 Formation Top Eleven Formations How to Beat 4-1-4-1 Formations & Tactis in Top Eleven - Tactics by using one striker is very defensive by relying on the counter attack, this formation is very tight at the back is also very strong in midfield with defender relying 4, and 5 at the same ST. Top Eleven - Be a Football Manager Today at 5:21 AM The 4-6-0 formation allows teams to dominate the midfield and with s hort passes quickly move the ball upfield! With this formation, I always have a better ball position and shots. Remember, it is not mean that you will definitely beat 4-4-2 formation if you use 4-3-1-2 formation, but according to my experience, 4-3-1-2 formation is the best formation against 4-4-2 formation on Top Eleven Football Manager. Tactics and Formations Picking the right formation is always one of the most important things you can do going into any match in Top Eleven, as in real life. You can view all the predefined formations, which feature some of the most common in the world of soccer, such as the ubiquitous 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 formations, in the Squad screen. Choose your match tactics and win to become top of your league. Top 11 is a hugely popular Football Manager game, and when you play its not hard to see why. With every aspect of club management available, from deciding the players on your team to building facilities and setting ticket prices you are in control of everything.

"V-Style", "Narrow Diamond", "Wide Diamond" etc. = How the formation looks on the field or a special name for the formation. You can ask your questions about the formations in this thread. Feel free to post your successfull experiences and results against other formations in this thread. You can also suggest new formations and new counter

Breaking Down the Top 10 Most-Used Formations in World Football 0 of 10 We bring you the most-used formations in world football and break them down accordingly, giving current examples and

In this video i am showing you Best formation for Top Eleven 2018 I mean the regular series. 1st video of the series link : If you