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Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC 6 Plus Superspeed Centrifuge Rotor Selection Guide Capacity Max. Speed Max. RCF Tube Size Sample Catalog Rotor (place x ml) (rpm) (x g) (range, ml) Containment Number Fiberlite Carbon Fiber Rotors F9S-4x1000y 4x1,000 8,000 12,042 3-1,000 EnhancedLiquidContainment 76981

( Brand: Sorvall ), ( model : RC-12BP ) Review (mpn: rc-12bp for sale) RC-12BP Thermo Scientific Sorvall Centrifuge 77001 12000 Rotor. This equipment is offered with our as-represented guarantee: for On a residential delivery, the ltl carrier will only take shipment onto property, or into garage of residence.

Shop online for a wide selection of Thermo Scientific™ Fiberlite™ F14-6 x 250y Fixed Angle Rotor Process large volumes with the six-place, 250mL

Find the best prices on used Sorvall instruments, equipment, and accessories. BioSurplus has the most comprehensive and available list of used laboratory equipment online! All prices are current and continuously updated throughout the business day. The Sorvall SH-3000 Swinging Bucket Rotor with 750mL Buckets P/N 11788 allows you to process microplates, PCR plates/tube strips and other common centrifugal filtration and purification devices. The SH-3000 is for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ RC 6 Plus and Evolution RC superspeed centrifuges and has a 4 x 750mL capacity with a Thermo Scientific. Thermo Scientific Fiberlite F21-8x50y Fixed-angle Rotor For Sorvall Centrifuges For Sale Online. $1,999.95 Sorvall-DuPont HS-4 HS4 Rotor, 7000 rev/min max. Rated at 7000 RPM with Max speed/RCF: 7500rpm/10,826 x g Compatible with: Customer Supplied Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC, RC-6, RC-6 Plus centrifuge series.

In Sorvall - Evolution RC Centrifuge Employing leading-edge technology, the Evolution RC offers unmatched productivity with a six liter capacity, speeds to 26,000 rpm, and simplified sample handling. -IN STOCK | 🚛-Fast Delivery | 🛡-90 Day Warranty | Sorvall SLA 3000 Super Lite Rotor | Condition: Refurbished and Tested to Manufacturer Spec Warranty: 90-Day Full Parts and Labor (Click for Info) Typically Ships Within: 1 to 3 Business Days | Category: Centrifuge Rotors

Feb 4, 2011 Thermo Scientific. Sorvall Legend XT iii. P. Preface. Before starting to use the centrifuge, read through this instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions. The information contained in this instruction manual is the property of Thermo Fisher Scientific; it is forbidden to copy or pass on this information THERMO SCIENTIFIC SORVALL C-6 Plus/Evolution RC/ JOUAN KR22i RC-5/RC-26/RC-2 Series Fiberlite F21-48x1.5 Cat. No. 096-484020 096-484025 Max. Speed 20,000 rpm 18,000 rpm Max. RCF 43,500 xg 34,100 xg Fiberlite F21-48x1.5 Rotor Package includes: Rotor Lid Assembly 099-484020 099-484025 O-ring Refresher Kit 1 021-484020 021-484025 LABWARE ORDERING THERMO SORVALL JOUAN SWING-OUT ROTOR, MODEL M4, 4 x 750 ML BUCKETS WITH LIDS - $1,975.00. THERMO SORVALL JOUAN SWING-OUT ROTOR, MODEL M4, 4 x 750 ML BUCKETS WITH LIDS Thermo Sorvall Jouan High Throughput Swing-Out Rotor Model M4 4 X 750 mL Buckets with lids Very light previous use. We clean and reapply special grease to buckets and trunnions. Thermo Scientific Sorvall RT6000D Centrifuge Timer/Temp/Speed Control Knob 12974. Thermo Sorvall SS-34 50ml 15ml Rotor RC-5B RC-6 Evolution Superspeed centrifuge. SE-12 Fixed Angle Rotor 26,000rpm Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ RC 6 Plus and Evolution RC superspeed Centrifuges 12 x 14mL 70,450 x g - SE-12 Fixed Angle RotorIncrease lab productivity with the high maximum speed and RCF of the autoclavable Thermo Scientific™ SE-12 Fixed Angle Rotor. Sorvall SS 34 30643. Manufacturer: Sorvall; Sorvall Fixed angle rotor SS-34. Autoclavable 121°C. For 8 sample containers each 50mL. 20000 rpm. With lid. Suitable for Sorvall RC6 Plus and Evolution RC Superspeed centrifuges. Is in a very good condition. THERMO SCIENTIFIC SORVALL RC-6 SORVALL Evolution SORVALL RC-5 Plus Series RC Series Plus Series SS-34 Max. Speed 20,000 rpm 20,500 rpm 20,000 rpm Max. RCF 47,808 xg 50,230 xg 47,808 xg SS-34 Rotor Package includes: Description Cat. No. SS-34 Rotor 28020 Vacuum Grease 76003500 Lubricant 70006692 Rotor Cover Assembly 28018 Cover O-ring 60188

Search for used centrifuge control panels. Find Westfalia, Sorvall, Beckman Coulter, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Fisher Scientific for sale on Machinio. All prices are current and continuously updated throughout the business day. Thermo Scientific IL 500 mL 250 mL 50 mL PPCO= SCA Fiberlite a-6x1000y Sorvall Evolution RC Sorvall RC6, RC-5, RC-26, RC-2 Sorvall RC 6 Plus, Evolution RC, The Sorvall SLC-6000 is a fixed-angle, high-capacity rotor that is made specifically for use with the Sorvall Evolution RC floor model centrifuge. The rotor has an acceleration time of 4:45 and a SORVALL SV-288 20,000 RPM SUPERSPEED CENTRIFUGE ROTOR EVOLUTION RC RC6 RC5 RC2. $120.00 Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC 6+ POENTIAL RELAY, Part No. 92732. $76.00 Your source for innovative, indispensable lab equipment, lab supplies, and services. View our wide selection of products for scientific research and education. Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC, and Sorvall® RC-6 Plus and com-petitor high speed centrifuges can sediment large volumes of solids in a set run time of 8 to 10 minutes. When considering the time required for acceleration and deceleration, the lighter weight rotors allow for the larger volume samples to experience the maximum force for

The Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC 12BP Plus offers a complete processing system for high-throughput, large volume blood banking and bioprocessing applications. An Integrated System Optimized for Your Success • Sorvall® RC 12BP Plus centrifuge • H-12000 Swinging Bucket rotor • 2-liter True Fit Thermo Scientific Nalgene centrifuge bottles

ROTOR AND ACCESSORIES ORDERING INFORMATION. THERMO SCIENTIFIC. BECKMAN®. HITACHI®. SORVALL RC-6 Plus/Evolution RC/. JOUAN KR22i  Thermo Scientific Sorvall LYNX Superspeed Centrifuge Series. static.thermoscientific. Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC Superspeed Centrifuge. Thermo  SnakeSkin dialysis tubing (3.5K MWCO, 22 mm I.D.) (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sorvall Evolution RC centrifuge (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Thermo Scientific™,  Высокоскоростная центрифуга Sorvall Evolution RC / Superspeed Centrifuge Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC. Thermo Scientific Sorvall WX Ultra Centrifuge Series –. Introducing the The new Thermo Scientific Sorvall. WX Ultra Evolution RC and Sorvall RC 6TM Plus. The Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC 6 Plus superspeed centrifuge is the perfect choice for high precision and high-throughput sample processing. Increase your 

Thermo Sorvall Evolution RC Floor Super Speed Centrifuge Cambridge Scientific ID #'s: 15566, 19746 The Sorvall Evolution RC centrifuge is not only powerful and reliable, it is also user friendly.